industrial print and apply labelling
industrial print and apply labelling
industrial print and apply labelling
Industrial pallet labelling systems

Auto Inline Barcode Validation

In addition to our range of Print-Apply labelling systems ILS offers barcode scanning solutions to compliment the labellers. BARCODE SCANNING – FOR SECURE JOB SELECT Barcode scanners range from robust industrial Hand-Held units which can be used for Print-Job selection to an array of fixed position scanners (FPS) used to validate your barcodes post labelling as the case/pack passes along a conveyor.
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Ever shipped product with an illegible barcode and then scrapped or reworked the product? Fixed position scanners can be linked to the ILS labeller and triggered for each application, the scanner attemps to read the code as the case passes through the scan area. In the event the code is missing or un-readable the scanner will activate an alarm, this alarm can be used to sound a warning or stop the conveyor line.

Correct print , Correct Label , Correct Product  - FIRST TIME.

Auto Inline Barcode Validation Inline Barcode Validation