Cold Storage Pallet Labelling


As the demands for automation increase and manpower to decrease in more and more areas of the supply chain ILS needed to provide a safe and reliable solution into the SUB ZERO supply chain. The ILS Flexwipe Pallet Labelling system is a proven sub zero environment system that enhances any cold storage facility without slowing down the movement of pallets or increasing the risk of operator error / injury.


Key Items for Cold Storage Labelling

Direct Thermal Labelling – No Ribbon

Less Moving Parts.Small footprint.

No Additional enclosure.

No heater for additional enclosure.

Versatile wipe system for irregular pallets

Portrait and Landscape options

FlexWipe Pallet Labller Operating in Sub Zero

NewCold likes automation; not just for the sake of it. With automation processes we can guarantee a higher level of food safety; that’s our main goal. In our cold storage in Rheine we just implemented two Automatic Label Applicators (ALA) with great success. The challenge was to find a suitable printer which can operate in a frozen environment, has a small footprint and is low in maintenance. We also wanted to be able to exchange the labels quickly so we can minimize downtime. We found the suitable one at Industrial Labelling Systems Ltd.


The shipment labels are stuck to all pallets on a load with multiple final destinations; they are added to the pallets just before arrival in the buffer lanes via the Material FLow Control System, with data from the Warehouse Management System. Previously, this was done by our staff manually. You can imagine that we get a lot of profit in time, safety and efficiency here.


Flexwipe Pallet Labeller in Minus 20 degrees

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ILS solution boosts efficiency at Lineage Logistics

Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) transformed the working conditions and boosted efficiency at a cold storage facility belonging to one of the world’s leading logistics companies.
ILS installed an automated pallet labelling solution to replace manual handling at Lineage Logistics. Lineage Logistics said the successful collaboration with ILS to integrate extreme temperature-beating technology FlexWipe into the operating systems at its facility in Ieper, Belgium, had revolutionised its pallet labelling process for food products that have to be kept in sub-zero conditions. Renowned for its cold storage expertise, Lineage operates in an environment as cold as minus 25 degrees Celsius. The firm’s challenge was to find a partner that could supply an automated alternative for staff manually labelling up to 1000 pallets a day

 with delivery address details in these harsh conditions – an inefficient process that also had potential health and safety issues as forklift drivers had to keep getting on and off their trucks to label pallets.

Lineage Logistics

ILS presented the FlexWipe system, precisely the innovative solution Lineage was looking for with pallets labelled while being assembled, meaning that less resource was needed resulting in lower costs, increased productivity, reduced risk of accidents and improved quality for the end user. Performance since FlexWipe’s introduction in Ieper is said to have been so outstanding that Lineage, which has a global network of cold storage facilities, is installing more of the same equipment into its Bergen Op Zoom cold store in Holland as well as discussing with ILS future requirements for its facilities across Europe and the United States.

In addition to the equipment, Dave Mayne, Lineage’s operations manager UK, was also impressed with the support received from the ILS team, from initial testing in the freezer environment to aligning the FlexWipe pallet labeller with the Lineage operating system. He said: “ILS were open and enthusiastic about working with us to find a solution. One of our core values is innovation, so finding a company that had the same value as us in approaching this challenge, to work together to find the answer, was a great match. I’d thoroughly recommend ILS – they’re a collaborative and professional team to work with.”

Saar Deburghgraeve, the Lineage site manager in Ieper, echoed those thoughts, adding: “I am very pleased with the results from start to finish. My operators, my shift leaders, my planners – everybody is delighted with the equipment.”

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Phil Black – PII Editor Phil Black – PII Editor

Industrial Labelling Systems Ltd (ILS) has introduced FlexWipe, a new, versatile automated pallet labelling solution for the UK food industry which can boost operational efficiency by performing equally well at minus 20 degrees Celsius as at normal room temperature. Innovative thinking coupled with clever engineering by manufacturer Evolabel has turned standard print and apply equipment into multi-side labelling, extreme-temperature beating technology – a must for the frozen and chilled sector as FlexWipe can take employees out of the cold by removing operators from manually labelling pallets in uncomfortable conditions. With the food processing industry evolving quickly and digital manufacturing playing a greater role day by day, companies are now able to source a state-of-the-art pallet labeller that is simple and straightforward to install and functions well at low temperatures – offering a cost-effective alternative to building specialist temperature-controlled labelling areas within warehouses. FlexWipe’s twin-motor technology ensures totally accurate positioning of labels and a unique identity – key to multiple logistics functions such as shipments, warehousing, expiry dates and storage location, which enables companies to comply with the strict GS1 SSCC barcodes regulation. This latest automatic pallet labeller developed by Evolabel, exclusively available in the UK and Ireland from ILS, is user-friendly, extremely compact, fast and safe – an operator cannot get stuck between applicator arm and pallet.

FlexWipe also eliminates the need for expensive guarding and has the ability to provide single pallet labelling on up to three sides or dual pallet labelling without requiring the pallet to stop, thanks to its motorised and controlled movements and lightweight arms. It can even handle situations where pallets are not sent down the conveyor with uniform spacing.

ILS’s Managing Director, Denis Brett, said: “The FlexWipe is revolutionary equipment years ahead of its time. Many pallet labelling machines struggle to cope in extremely cold conditions but not the FlexWipe. This is a technical breakthrough that can help food companies operate at maximum efficiency in tough industrial environments.” Firms that have struggled with hand labelling pallets in freezing temperatures down to minus 20 degrees Celsius are being urged to think again about automation.

FlexWipe operates comfortably in the harshest conditions and can help food companies achieve maximum efficiency with minimum staff. ILS believes that FlexWipe is the future for low and sub-zero temperature pallet labelling.As well as supplying a large range of all-round labelling technology to blue-chip end users in multiple sectors across the UK and Ireland, ILS also provides a full after sales support service, giving its customers peace of mind that production lines can be maintained effectively and businesses run smoothly and efficiently.

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