Bag Labelling Solutions

Bag labelling is a crucial aspect of the packaging process, ensuring that each bag is accurately labelled before it joins the pallet. At Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS), we offer efficient and precise bag labelling solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of various industries.

Key Features

  • Label Sizes: Utilizing A5 or A6-sized labels, our bag labelling system guarantees clear and concise information on each bag, enhancing visibility and information accuracy.
  • Throughput: Operating at an impressive rate of approximately 10 bags per minute, our bag labelling process is designed for efficiency, ensuring your packaging workflow remains swift and seamless.
  • Application Options: Whether it’s at the top or on the side, our bag labelling solutions provide flexibility to accommodate your specific requirements.

Applicator Options

Choose from our array of applicators for optimal bag labelling results:

  • Wipe Applicator: Ideal for a smooth and precise application, ensuring labels adhere flawlessly to the bags.
  • BlowVac Applicator: Harnessing advanced vacuum technology, this applicator ensures efficient label placement with accuracy and secure adherence.
  • Tamp/eTamp Applicator: Precision is paramount, and the Tamp applicator offers controlled and accurate labeling, particularly suited for bag labelling applications.
  • Belt Applicator: Versatile and efficient, the Belt applicator seamlessly applies labels, contributing to a streamlined bag labelling process.


Tailored to Your Industry

ILS understands the diversity across industries, and our bag labelling solutions can be customised to meet the unique specifications of your sector, be it agriculture, manufacturing, or beyond.

Etamp Bagging line

  • Exceptional performance in wet and cold environments with Tamp  and Wipe applicator.

Elevate Your Bag Labelling Process with ILS

Choose Industrial Labelling Systems for bag labelling solutions that prioritize accuracy, speed, and versatility. Our commitment to innovation ensures that your bag labelling process is not just a requirement but an opportunity to enhance overall packaging efficiency.

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