No Adjustments

Our robust aluminium chassis is precision-machined as a single piece, ensuring flawless alignment of label and transfer rollers, print head, and more. This eliminates the necessity for any mechanical adjustments, guaranteeing consistently high-quality printing over time.


Replacing both the ribbon and label roll is a quick and straightforward process. Cleaning the print head is equally efficient – the print head opens widely, and the applicator is automatically folded away. The print head can be effortlessly removed without tools from its magnetic holder, and power is automatically disconnected, eliminating the need to power off the machine. Keeping the print head clean not only ensures optimal performance but also extends its lifespan, ultimately saving you money.


Receive timely warnings before a label roll replacement is needed. All applicator models automatically fold away, and the media sensor opens when changing the label roll. The thoughtfully designed air nozzle eliminates the necessity for a “blow pipe.” The clean and open design simplifies the process of changing the paper roll. After each time the print head is lifted, the media sensor is automatically adjusted to ensure the correct label position on every package.

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