Auto Inline Barcode Validation

Enhance safety by eliminating coding and labeling errors and conducting thorough inspections of packaging to ensure compliance with standards.

Complementing our Print-Apply labelling systems, Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) provides advanced barcode scanning solutions. Our barcode scanners, ranging from durable industrial Hand-Held units for Print-Job selection to fixed position scanners (FPS), enhance the security of your labelling processes.


Ever experienced challenges with illegible barcodes on shipped products, leading to scrapping or reworking? Integrated with ILS labellers, fixed position scanners are triggered for each application, attempting to read the code as the case or pack passes through the scan area. If the code is missing or unreadable, the scanner activates an alarm, allowing for immediate intervention, whether through a warning signal or conveyor line stoppage.

Correct print , Correct Label , Correct Product – FIRST TIME.

With a commitment to advanced technology, intelligent design, and robust reliability, our extensive range of Datalogic barcode scanners can read every barcode type in warehouses, logistics centers, and manufacturing plants. These scanners offer the speed and reliability needed to manage goods and track merchandise, whether scanning a 1-dimensional or 2-dimensional code. Contact Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) for more information on Datalogic barcode scanners.

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