Finance / Leasing Options:

Finance Support: Start using our equipment quickly and easily with our flexible finance options.

The Benefits:

  • Simplified Process: Tailored to swiftly and easily acquire our equipment.
  • Saves Working Capital: Spread the cost over years to avoid tying up working capital, allowing investment in other business activities.
  • Tax Efficient: Lease payments offset against taxable profit, reducing the net cost of leasing equipment.
  • Fixed Rate of Interest: No increase in monthly costs as interest rates fluctuate.
  • Fixed Term Agreement: Cannot be withdrawn like an overdraft, ensuring stability.
  • Flexibility: Individually tailored lease matches agreement length and terms with cash flow and budget requirements.
  • Preserves Existing Credit Lines: Finance options don’t interfere with existing credit, preserving flexible bank funding for day-to-day costs and unexpected events.

Temporary Rental: When you need to code, print, or label temporarily without high investments, Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) offers a solution with temporary machine rentals. With a rental agreement, you stay in control without facing unforeseen financial surprises. ILS has a large number of systems in stock ready for deployment.

Vendor Leasing: Opt for a vendor lease formula at Industrial Labelling Systems for coding and labelling systems, barcode terminals, and software. Choose an all-inclusive formula to finance hardware, software, and services. You can also decide on a takeover at the lease contract’s end, with the small residual value fixed in advance.

Advantages of Vendor Leasing:

  • Single Discussion Partner: For both delivery and financing.
  • Bundled Financing and Services: All-in-one contract with ILS.
  • Future Second-Hand Value: Leasing maximizes consideration for future second-hand value at the contract end.
  • Off-Balance Sheet Investment: The investment doesn’t appear on the company balance sheet.
  • VAT Payment in Instalments: Option to pay VAT in instalments.
  • Total Solution: ILS offers a comprehensive solution, taking care of all your concerns.

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