Award winning S and B Expanded Polystyrene Ltd has seen demand for its high-quality wall and underfloor thermal insulation go through the roof. To ensure that the labelling process was keeping pace with increasing orders for the materials at its Tyne and Wear facility, the company turned to automated print and apply machinery from Industrial Labelling Systems Ltd (ILS).

Building projects are dependent on receiving quality products on time, with clearly readable and accurately applied labels to ensure the minimum of fuss when storing and unpacking, which is why construction material manufacturers are looking to automated labelling solutions provided by leading UK specialists like ILS.

Manual labelling is at the mercy of human error, which can slow down the construction materials supply chain due to inconsistent application and mishandling, leading to damaged labels, waste and potential readability issues surrounding barcodes.

The Evolabel T63 with a Wipe Applicator, a state-of-the-art print and apply system from Manchester-based ILS, has transformed productivity and the presentation of the finished product at S and B EPS, with the equipment seamlessly labelling around 3,000 packages a day, says the firm’s Technical Director Paul Banks.

He added: “We wanted to improve efficiency as previously we were using printed labels that had to be applied manually. We can now deploy staff on much more productive tasks. We are utilising the label applicator in a fully automated line we had installed for all our underfloor and external wall insulation materials. The T63 is flexible, accurate and much more cost-effective system.”

Cutting-edge labelling technology from ILS offers construction materials suppliers greater speed and accuracy compared with a manual labelling process, automation limits human intervention in mundane tasks, minimising the risk of errors and waste, as well as reducing labour costs.

The T63 has thermal transfer technology for excellent application of large labels and high-quality printing of data such as barcodes, particularly useful on products stored for a long time or exposed to tough handling conditions, such as building sites, the pharmaceutical sector, automotive and other, non-food production.

Providing options for side or two side labelling, the equipment is operating flawlessly – five days a week “without a flicker” – says Mr Banks, who was also impressed with the very straightforward integration into the packing line and customer service received from ILS.

ILS offers a full after-sales support and maintenance service either through an on-site visit, remotely controlled problem-solving or guidance over the phone to make sure the customer’s labelling equipment is able to deliver optimal speeds and efficiencies whatever the product.

Clearly visible and robust labels are important to ensure that site workers are aware of the regulatory information on the performance of construction materials, especially potentially hazardous items. ILS supplies fast, accurate and safe labelling systems that are easy to operate and can help eliminate bottlenecks in the supply chain so that customers’ meet their targets.


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