eTamp Applicator

The Evolabel e-Tamp is the latest generation tamp applicator. Rigid but light aluminium profile allows various version stroke lengths to be achieved from 150 mm up to 750 mm, yet with a perfectly maintained label precision. As the e- Tamp applicator is stepper motor driven instead of pneumatic allows a reduction in weight and increases flexibility and safety. The exact stroke length is simply set from the graphic user interface of the printer and can changed automatically when changing from one type of product to another. The stepper motor driven solution also makes the e-tamp a very safe tamp applicator – if you did put your hand in front of the applicator it will automatically return back to its home position.

The long stroke length in combination with exact step motor control, makes the Evolabel e-Tamp suitable not only for side and top labelling on various size boxes, but also labelling the front or end of the box. For front or end labelling, the system is mounted in an angle above the conveyor and an angled version of the patented applicator plate holds the label vertically. • Label Sizes from – 30 x 20 up to 178 x 140 • Stroke Options – 150mm to 750mm • Prints per Minute – : From 15 to 100 depending on label size and stroke length • Typical Applications – Over the line case labelling

ILS Tamp Box Labelling

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