The Evolabel FlexWipe pallet labeling system revolutionizes traditional pallet labeling practices.

Contrary to cumbersome, hazardous, and expensive conventional alternatives, the Evolabel FlexWipe system prioritizes safety, user-friendliness, efficiency, and affordability.

Enhanced Safety: The innovative Tactile arm design eliminates any risk of collision between the moving applicator arm, the printer, or the pallet. In the event of obstruction, the stepper motor-driven arm halts, triggering an immediate alarm. The Tactile arm, combined with the Pivotable machine mount, eliminates the need for costly guarding. This not only reduces expenses and frees up floor space but also allows direct and swift access to the system for the operator. Label roll replacement takes a mere 20 seconds, while replacing the print head or print roller is accomplished in just a minute when necessary. NOTE WRITTEN USING AI

ILS Flexwipe - 3 Sided Pallet Labelling

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