The Evolabel FlexWipe pallet labelling system has revolutionised traditional pallet labelling practices with its safety, compactness, speed, and cost-effectiveness.


Traditional pallet labellers can often pose safety hazards due to large applicators and pinching risks. The Evolabel FlexWipe tackles this concern with its intelligent design. The unique and innovative tactile arm eliminates any risk of collision, immediately stopping and triggering an alarm if it encounters an obstacle, preventing crushing injuries.

Its pivotal machine mount eliminates the need for bulky safety guards, retaining its smaller footprint. This not only reduces expenses and frees up floor space, but also allows direct and swift access to the system for the operator. Label roll replacement takes a mere 20 seconds, while replacing the printhead or print roller only takes one minute.


The Evolabel FlexWipe has a remarkably compact design. This translates to more flexibility in your workspace and easier integration into existing production lines.


Despite its size, the FlexWipe delivers impressive labelling speeds, reaching up to five pallets per minute. This efficiency ensures your operation keeps pace with production demands.

Cost-effective Labelling

The Evolabel FlexWipe isn’t just fast; it’s adaptable. The innovative applicator arm can rotate a full 360 degrees, enabling labelling on all three sides of a pallet facing the system. This eliminates the need for repositioning pallets, saving valuable time. The FlexWipe accommodates a wide range of label sizes, making it suitable for various pallet labelling requirements.
The system features a simple and intuitive control panel, allowing operators to navigate labelling tasks efficiently. Maintenance is streamlined as well, with easy access to components for cleaning or replacement.

Ideal Applications

The Evolabel FlexWipe’s safety features, compact design, and labelling flexibility make it perfect for various industries:

  • Warehousing and Distribution Centres: Ensure efficient and safe pallet labelling for high-volume operations
  • Manufacturing Facilities: Maintain traceability and streamline labelling processes for outgoing pallets
  • Food and Beverage Production: Apply labels securely on pallets containing food products

Evolabel Support and Integration

The Evolabel applicator seamlessly integrates with compatible Evolabel printers, creating a complete print-and-apply solution for your pallet labelling needs.

ILS Flexwipe - 3 Sided Pallet Labelling

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