Thermal Inkjet Print high-quality codes on various packaging materials with an ILS thermal inkjet printer. Perfect for tasks like carton coding, timber marking, box coding, and 2D codes, our Industrial Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ Printers) deliver exceptional print quality, even at high line speeds.

Choosing an ILS Edding Thermal Inkjet Printer Our experts are ready to assist you in selecting and implementing an ILS thermal coding printer tailored to your business requirements. Our technologies are straightforward to set up and operate, seamlessly integrating into your production line.

Benefits of Edding Thermal Inkjet Printers

  • Adaptable to nearly any substrate, including porous and non-porous surfaces, making it excellent for box coding and printing on corrugated cardboard.

    Edding in-line.
  • Exceptional print quality with high-speed printing capabilities.
  • Compact production line footprint.
  • Lower hardware costs compared to other technologies.
  • Clean, minimal ink usage per code.
  • User-friendly and easily replaceable technology.


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Discover the edding compact printers:
A revolution in industrial marking

Delivering superior reliability, ease of use and connectivity, edding compact printers are the next generation marking solutions for industry 4.0 era

Innovative solutions for all your marking needs
The edding compact printers revolutionise industrial marking. Their smart, compact design houses advanced, intuitive functionality and unparalleled connectivity. Print information can be changed quickly and easily via the integrated touchscreen, web browser or even smartphone.

The new edding compact printers. Designed and manufactured in Germany using the highest quality components, they deliver outstanding reliability. The simple, easy-to-use design enables any user to set up and operate the printers, without the need of a technician.

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