Industrial Labelling Systems (ILS) is launching to the UK logistics market new, highly accurate and box clever equipment to help speed the flow of goods through the supply chain, eliminating bottlenecks in the labelling process.

Quicktamp Logistics Labelling System, exclusively available in the UK from ILS, is a fast and flexible applicator developed by Evolabel that can handle packages of all dimensions – an ideal solution for 3PL companies and the frenzied distribution environment of e-Commerce firms, where the need for quick turnaround times is paramount.

This revolutionary equipment is also suitable for the pharmaceutical sector where the consequences of incorrect labelling can be fatal. An innovative design enables high-precision labelling even if the height of the package changes randomly, providing an advantage over traditional print and apply systems.

QuickTamp Features

Capable of processing up to 20 random or fixed-height packages per minute at line speeds of up to 80m/min, Quicktamp’s height measuring sensor simplifies installation and ensures labels are applied accurately and clearly every time, removing the workforce from the slow, mundane and potentially error prone task of manually labelling goods.

Based on Evolabel’s unique Tactile apply solution, where the movement is constantly monitored and controlled to ensure safety of packages and employees, Quicktamp is driven by a pulse, encoder-controlled stepper motor. The carbon fibre shaft that holds the label firmly with a patented 3D printed applicator pad, moves quickly to its target and applies the label with unerring accuracy.

To ensure maximum throughput it has a duty/standby arrangement where two machines are configured together, therefore eliminating all media changeover downtime to meet the demands of the rising number of 3PL companies fulfilling e-Commerce needs.

As warehousing becomes increasingly automated and digitised, systems are evolving to suit the customer’s requirements and that normally means improving the bottom line by allowing the machines to take over and keeping human intervention in the labelling process to a minimum.

QuickTamp: A Dynamic Labelling System

ILS’s Business Development Manager, Phil Molloy, said: “The need for ultra-fast delivery in the e-Commerce sector is driving the shift to automation and in-line labelling requirements to higher levels. Quicktamp is a new, dynamic labelling system offering exceptional accuracy that can eliminate bottlenecks sometimes identified with traditional print and apply systems.”

Established in 2002, Manchester-based ILS partnered with Swedish company Evolabel in 2015 and has not looked back. It now boasts a large range of labelling solutions with blue-chip end users in multiple sectors across the UK with innovative, efficient and robust equipment.

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