The Evolabel QuickTamp isn’t your standard box labelling applicator. This ingenious system tackles the challenge of fast, precise labelling for boxes of varying heights, revolutionising your labelling workflow in your warehouse or distribution centre.

Smart Tech for Speed and Accuracy in Logistics Labelling

At the core of the QuickTamp lies its patented 3D-printed applicator pad. This unique design, coupled with a pulse encoder-controlled stepper motor, guarantees pinpoint label application on every box, even at phenomenal speeds of up to 1500 packs per hour. No more wasted labels and labelling inconsistencies slowing you down.

Variable Box Heights? No Problem

Traditional applicators can often struggle with uneven box heights, leading to mislabelled packages. The QuickTamp tackles this with its ingenious Evolabel Tactile Apply Solution. This system utilises a high-speed air jet that creates a targeted vacuum on the applicator pad when needed. This continuous monitoring and control of its movement ensures the label adheres firmly to the box, regardless of its height variation. Seamless labelling without manual adjustments.

The Tactile Apply Solution feature also guarantees the safety of users and objects, preventing any accidental interference. In the event of restricted movement, the system promptly halts operations and issues an immediate alarm or warning.

Designed for Simplicity and Efficiency

Paired with printers T63, T43 or D43, the Evolabel QuickTamp prioritises user experience. The system boasts a user-friendly interface with a large touchscreen display for intuitive operation. Its fast label roll changing minimises downtime on your production line. Plus, the QuickTamp features self-diagnostics and requires minimal maintenance, keeping your labelling process running smoothly.

Versatility for Your Labelling Needs

While primarily designed for top labelling for optimal visibility, the QuickTamp offers additional flexibility. Its unique design allows for easy configuration for side labelling, catering to diverse packaging requirements.

Unleashing Efficiency Across Industries

The Evolabel QuickTamp’s innovative features and user-friendliness make it a perfect fit for various industries:

  • E-commerce Fulfilment Centres: Fast and accurate labelling for your high-volume outbound packages
  • Logistics and Distribution Centres: Streamline your labelling process and ensure consistent product identification
  • Manufacturing Plants: Maintain efficient labelling throughout your production line, irrespective of box size variations

A Complete Labelling System

For a seamless labelling experience, the Evolabel QuickTamp integrates flawlessly with Evolabel’s printer range. This creates a complete print-and-apply solution, eliminating the need for separate printing and labelling steps.

The Evolabel QuickTamp is more than just an applicator – it’s a game-changer. With its innovative features and focus on user experience, this system empowers businesses to achieve unrivalled speed, accuracy, and efficiency in their logistics labelling processes.

ILS Evolabel Quicktamp Logistics Labelling

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