industrial print and apply labelling
industrial print and apply labelling
industrial print and apply labelling
Industrial pallet labelling systems
Unique Advantages of the Pallet Flex Wipe System: Non dangerous. Operator can’t get stuck between applicator arm and pallet. Negates the need for expensive guarding. The paper roll always point towards the operator. Same machine configuration regardless of application (front/side/ back). One stop for two side labelling.  Motorized and controlled movements. Lightweight arms make the applicator fast but hazard free. The applicator can label three sides without having the pallet to stop if check scanning is not required. Built in Validation check scan Traceability Starts Here Pallet labelling is the foundation of traceability within the supply chain. It creates a unique identity that is key to shipments, warehousing, expiry dates and storage location for the customer. The FlexWipe system enables compliance with the strict GS1 SSCC (Serial Shipment Container Code) barcodes on not just one or two sides of the pallet but now three.

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Pallet Labelling System

Autolabel has developed a completely new and revolutionary pallet labelling applicator. The design is safe, user friendly, extremely compact, fast and future proof for all your pallet labelling needs. FLEXWIPE  FlexWipe is future proof due to both the compact nature of the unit and the same applicator can label all three sides. The FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System is built upon two rotating movements. The inner arm can rotate 360º and the labels can leave the printer in two directions. The outer arm can rotate 200º. A camera based scanner is located behind the applicator pad. When a validation check scan is required the arm moves away from the pallet and the outer arm turns 180º to take a picture of the label.  The FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System is fully compatible with Autolabel’s existing industry standard T63 printer, using the same Autolabel standard applicator interface as with all the other applicators in the range.
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Pallet labelling FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System
FlexWipe Pallet Labelling System.