Belt Applicator

The Evolabel belt applicator is a high-performance machine, designed to streamline your product labelling process. This system allows labels to be applied with high speed and precision from above or below.

Precise Labelling

A vacuum belt precisely transfers labels from the printer to the product. By matching the same speed as the conveyor, the vacuum belt gives very accurate label positioning, even on extremely lightweight items.

Fast and Efficient Labelling

The Evolabel belt applicator boasts impressive labelling speeds, reaching up to 120 packages per minute, depending on label size. This translates to increased productivity and efficiency on your packaging line. One system can handle a wide range of label dimensions, from 30×30 mm labels to 118×150 mm sizes. This versatility makes the Evolabel belt applicator suitable for a diverse range of products.

User-Friendly Design

The Evolabel printer features a large colour display for clear operation and control. Changing label rolls is a simple process, minimising downtime on your production line.


We’ll help you choose fit for purpose applicators for the job. Due to its speed, precision, and adaptability, the Evolabel belt applicator is used in several industries, such as:

  • Food and beverage: Precise labelling on top or bottom of food packages
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensure accurate labelling on medication boxes
  • Manufacturing: Apply labels on a variety of product sizes and shapes

Integration and Support

The Evolabel belt applicator is designed to seamlessly integrate with Evolabel’s D43 printer and T43 Printer creating a complete print-and-apply labelling system with high accuracy.

The Evolabel belt applicator offers a complete solution for businesses seeking a fast, precise, and user-friendly labelling system. Its versatility and efficiency make it a valuable asset for various product labelling applications.

Label sizes – 30 x 30 up to 118 x 150
Prints per minute – Approx. 120
Typical applications – EPOS Barcode Labelling

ILS Belt Applicator

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