For precise label positioning, the Evolabel Tamp Applicator effortlessly handles tasks from both above and the side. Supporting label sizes ranging from as small as 30×20 mm up to 118×200 mm for the 4” printer and up to 178×200 mm for the 6″ printer, it caters to diverse labelling needs.

Equipped with multiple independent and integrated vacuum ejectors, the patented applicator plate ensures safe label application and minimizes air consumption. Its lightweight construction enables high-speed operations, achieving speeds of up to 120 labels per minute.

Modular Concept:

The standardized mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic interface shared between the Evolabel applicators and printers streamlines operations, reducing stock requirements and enhancing overall flexibility. Whether you have multiple models installed or are a system integrator, this feature optimizes your workflow and adaptability.

ILS Tamp Application

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