industrial print and apply labelling
industrial print and apply labelling
industrial print and apply labelling
Industrial pallet labelling systems

Wipe Applicator

The Autolabel wipe applicator can apply labels on most sides of the product – side, above, front, rear and even two sides like front & side. The overall dimensions make it easy to install the system especially with production lines that have limited space. If a collision with the applicator arm did occur when it is in “out” position nothing will get damaged thanks to the built in flexibly of the arm assembly.
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Two sided labelling

The Autolabel wipe applicator enable two side labeling with 2 labels or with one larger label around the corner. This is an easy way to label a box on two sides without the need of turning it around. It saves cost and keeps capacity up. Label Sizes – 30 x 30 up to 118 x 200 Prints per Minute – Up to 70 Typical Applications – Part marking with dynamic data


Wipe Applicator Two sided labelling